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Doom Composer Mick Gordon’s allegations are Denies by Bethesda as a ‘distortion of the truth’


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Bethesda has published a statement in response to Mick Gordon’s accusations, who wrote the music for Doom and Doom Eternal. Gordon wrote a long “defense” about his work on Doom Eternal. He said Id Software made him work in unhealthy conditions, didn’t pay him, and slandered him in public. Now that Bethesda has responded to Gordon’s claims, they have been shot down without addressing any specific points or evidence that Gordon brought up.

Gordon’s statement about his bad experience with Id Software studio director Marty Stratton was made public last week. The article talked about how the music for Doom Eternal was made and the controversial release of a physical copy of the game’s soundtrack. It also went into more detail about Stratton’s 2020 post on Reddit, in which he said that Gordon was to blame for the controversy over the soundtrack. Gordon told Bethesda, Id, and Stratton they were to blame for everything.

Doom Composer Mick Gordon's allegations are Denies by Bethesda as a 'distortion of the truth.'
Doom Composer Mick Gordon’s allegations are Denies by Bethesda as a ‘distortion of the truth.’
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Even though Bethesda’s response is much shorter, it doesn’t take any blame or responsibility for what happened. Bethesda says that Gordon “mischaracterized and misrepresented the team at Id Software, the development of Doom Eternal, Marty Stratton, and Chad Mossholder with a one-sided and unfair account of an irreparable professional relationship.” It says that Bethesda knows everything about the situation, and agrees with Stratton and Id Software and disagrees with Gordon’s “selective presentation” of the facts.

Also, Bethesda says it is ready and willing to share “complete documented evidence” to back up its position. Still, it will only do so at “an appropriate venue as needed.” Gordon posted a long chain of emails and documents about his work on Doom Eternal to back up his claims, but Bethesda has decided not to do the same on social media now. Given the legal situation, this is understandable, but it’s unlikely to get much online support.

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In addition to responding to Gordon, Bethesda uses the chance to strongly condemn harassment and threats of violence against people “on both sides.” Bethesda says Gordon’s comment “incited” this kind of bad behavior and that it is taking “quick and appropriate” steps to protect the health and safety of Bethesda employees.

Even though it’s unlikely that the whole truth about what happened will come out, Bethesda is being called out on some key points in what it said. First of all, Gordon made it clear in his statement that the Id Software development team “deserves to be celebrated.”

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This is different from what Bethesda said: that Gordon “mischaracterized and misrepresented the Id Software team.” Also, some fans say it’s hypocritical to say that Gordon’s defense “incited” harassment without recognizing the role of Stratton’s 2020 Reddit post. A peaceful end to the fight between Bethesda and Gordon doesn’t seem likely any time soon.

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